Naming convention of Dimensional Affective Labels

Many people have contacted us for details on the naming convention of the files that contain the labelling of dimensional affect. Please find the naming convention we used below. More information can be found in our recent TAC paper.

Naming convention:

R = Rater (eg R1, R2, R3, R4)
S = Session (eg S1, S2, S9, S12)
T = Target (eg TU User TO Operator)
C = Character (eg COb Obidiah, CPo Poppy, CPr Prudence, CSp Spike)
D = Dimension (eg DV Valence)

Where a number occurs at the end of the filename this represents a tracers second attempt at the trace and therefore the largest number is the file that should be taken as the most correct one.

Full list of Dimension Codes:

DV = Valence
DA = Activation/Arousal
DP = Power
DE = Anticipation/Expectation
DI = Intensity
DFr = Fear
DAn = Anger
DHp = Happiness
DSd = Sadness
DDg = Disgust
DCt = Contempt
DAm = Amusement

DCert = Certain / not certain
DAgre = Agreeing / not agreeing
DIntr = Interested / not interested
DEase = At ease / not at ease
DThgt = Thoughtful / not thoughtful
DConc = Concentrating / not concentrating

DSldy = Shows Solidarity
DAntg = Shows Antagonism
DSTen = Shows Tension
DRTen = Releases Tension
DMSug = Makes Suggestion
DASug = Asks for Suggestion
DGOpn = Gives Opinion
DAOpn = Asks for Opinion
DGInf = Gives Information
DAInf = Asks for Information

DBrkEng = Breakdown of engagement
DAnomSim = Anomalous simulation
DSocCncl = Marked sociable concealment
DSocSim = Marked sociable simulation